Juggling Work and Home

Chronicles from the life adventures of a lawyer, creative and special needs momma.

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Six on a Saturday

Hey! I’m still around 🙂 Here’s a little catch up… ONE: My mum’s in hospital. She was admitted a fortnight ago with sepsis, among other things. The COVID rules are that she’s allowed one visitor, the same person, throughout her stay. I have more flexibility than my sisters so I’m the person visiting, and I’mContinue reading “Six on a Saturday”

Clothes Shopping!

I’ve been wanting to go clothes shopping for an autumn / winter wardrobe, and yesterday I had a chunk of time so I decided to do just that. I’m not really a clothes shopper. I don’t feel that I know how to put outfits together very well. It’s part of why I like dressing forContinue reading “Clothes Shopping!”

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