Juggling Work and Home

Chronicles from the life adventures of a lawyer, creative and special needs momma.

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Those Pesky Jobs

Ever have those pesky jobs that stay on your to do list way longer than they need to? (I know that Kae does!) Here is mine right now – I have a new computer to set up! I sold my beloved Apple Mac a week or two ago and bought a PC set up thatContinue reading “Those Pesky Jobs”

Trifle Night

A has been asking to make trifle for a while, and since she struggles with waiting, I got us started on Sunday by setting the jelly. I was at home after school last night (instead of being in the office until 5pm or later as I normally am) and we had the best time together!Continue reading “Trifle Night”

Feeling all wrong at the spa

Up at 5am today for the first time in a few weeks! It’s already daylight and the birds are singing. I had a strange experience at the spa yesterday. I felt very inadequate. Other women were full make-up, drinking Champagne with friends, wearing jewellery, painted toenails, hair up in messy buns, designer handbags at checkContinue reading “Feeling all wrong at the spa”

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